SES AIDlink developed by Datalink Systems for the SES AID Vest, provides a multi-network routing platform that bridges Cellular, Mobile/Portable UHF/VHF Radios and Iridium Satellites, ensuring quick transmission of emergency alerts to other officers in the vicinity and supervisory personnel.  AIDlink can also process live PTT PoC GPS.


The AIDlink can be used in geographically remote regions using SMS Celular or UHF/VHF Digital Portable Radios, linked to a local Base Radio which is connected to a Datalink i50 MobiHUB with internal Iridium data Modem. Data would be routed over Iridium's Satellite Network to a remote DataGate with Internet access where the alerts are re-transmitted over the Internet.
NOTE!  AIDlink does not process voice communications.

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DataNET  developed by Datalink has been in use around the world for many years. Clients include USA DOS and DOJ. U.K. MOD and London Metropolitan Police. Australian AGD and others.

DataNET provides end-to-end secure communication between field personnel and remote assets and host control desks. Whether you are tracking and messaging field personnel or remote mobile assets such as vehicles, aircraft or vessels, DataNET provides you with the platform that enables you to communicate on a Global basis.


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