A common radio communications problem with multiple local Law Enforcement Agencies is being on a different radio channel when a BOLO or APB alert is broadcast and Officers in the field miss the alert.

BOLO-WEB provides an additional "ALERT" path
 using LTE and FIRSTNET (when it becomes available) and NEXEDGE.















BOLO “Be On the Lookout” is used by law enforcement as an alert to all units of an urgent matter or occurrence.  It is generally a voice announcement on the main dispatch channel, and may or may not require an acknowledgment by all on-duty officers, and is sometimes referred to as an All Points Bulletin (APB).  Datalink's BOLOnet makes use of SmartPhones such as the SONIM XP7 which eliminates the problem of  only officers on the dispatch channel receiving the message, while other agencies working in a County or region using a different radio system may not receive the alert.  Lack of receiving the BOLO may place the officer in risk or they may be the closest officer able to render aid, but without the notification, they are unable to.  

What sparked BOLOnet was an incident that occurred in a county in the State of Georgia.  A Department of Resources (DNR) officer was involved in a shooting, when a suicidal man approached the ranger with a weapon.  The County officers had received the BOLO on their radio system but since the DNR ranger operates on a different system with their own dispatcher, the ranger didn't receive the alert.  If the alert had been received, then possibly the situation may had turned out differently.  Out of this came the idea. 

Until FIRSTNET Band 14 comes into general use in all States, Agencies can make use of multi-band radios, but unless the end-user is monitoring other systems where they are operating then alerts may be missed.  This does not take in account the expense of multi-band, multi-protocol radios which many departments cannot afford and may rarely need.   

How do we alert agencies on disparate radio system?  One item that is generally carried by public and officers alike are Smart Phones.  The concept is to leverage the use of the Smart Phone to send BOLO's to all users in a geographic footprint.  BOLO NET allows a dispatcher to enter the alert via text SMS or E-mail that goes out to registered users that are registered and in the geographic zone.  This is not dependent on the radio system that the officer is on.  The figure below shows radio and cell network.


The figure shows the county dispatcher issuing a BOLO via voice to the users carrying a portable or mobile radio and are listening to the dispatch channel.  If another agency is in the area on a different frequency band or channel they would not hear the BOLO.  With BOLO NET, the dispatcher would push the BOLO out via voice to her units, and via the BOLO NET interface to all the Smart Phone users from the other agencies.  Both would get the BOLO thus improving situational awareness for all officers working in the same geographic area regardless of radio system.   

The dispatch portion of the BOLO-WEB application shall allow any dispatcher of a registered agency, regardless of dispatch position, to access the web server to push the BOLO.  The BOLO push will be sent only to registered users within the geographic footprint defined by the agency.  The dispatcher screen shall show all the registered users in the footprint and their status at the time the alert is sent, and if the message is received by the party with an acknowledgment required, that the unit information change color for a period of 10 minutes. 

The dispatcher will generally target the group of users, but the option to target a selected user shall be provided.  If an individual unit is targeted, then the dispatcher shall show that this was an alert to an individual unit only via color coding the unit information.   

The agency shall be able to save the sent BOLO messages, responses and unit information active during each alert for a fixed period of time.  A method shall be provided to download the log information if so desired and retention off the cloud server. 

Datalink Software has been in use around the world for many years. Clients include USA Dept of State, and DOJ. U.K. MOD and London Metropolitan Police. Australian Gov. AGD and others.

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