The i50B-V3 MobiHUB designed by Datalink Systems and made in the USA, is in a class by itself as an advanced GPS tracking and data processing device capable of operating over multiple networks including Iridium Satellites. An 802.11b internal Wi-Fi module is standard.

Other internal module options include an Iridium SBD satellite modem and UBLOX 3G GSM modem.   Multiple external devices can be connected, including LMR Mobile Radios, OBD-II engine monitors, Garmin NUVI MDT messaging terminals and Lone Worker devices such as the Grace Industries SC-500.

MobiHUB i50 General Specifications


The MobiHUB i50b has been manufactured in California since 2007 to ISO 9001 standards with the PCB gold flashed to prevent long term surface corrosion.


  • 50-channel U-Blox LEA 5H GPS receiver (supports GPS and GALILEO signals)
  • Internal Iridium 9602 satellite modem (optional)
  • Internal UBLOX LISA cellular modem (optional)
  • Internal Wi-Fi modem
  • Three external RS-232 serial ports (only two available when using internal Wi-Fi)
  • Sleep mode with adjustable timeout and periodic wakeup timer
  • Wide input voltage range with load-dump protection
  • Battery voltage monitoring
  • Four digital inputs plus Ignition input
  • Four digital outputs
  • Two analog inputs
  • Switched power output for driving external devices
  • Internal flash memory for permanent storage of unit settings
  • Internal data buffer with backup battery eliminates data loss
  • Internal three-axis accelerometer with auto leveling
  • External J1708 engine interface (optional)
  • Panic alert mode
  • SCADA ready
  • Remotely programmable.


Size: 168 mm x 128 mm x 39 mm (L x W x H) (case size, excluding connectors)

Supply Voltage: 7 – 30 VDC continuous operation
Vehicle load-dump protection
Internal resettable fuse
Reverse polarity protection

Current (@ 12 V input): Normal operation: 100 mA
Cellular: Add 25 mA (220 mA during TX)
Satellite: Add 34 mA (180 mA during TX)
Wi-Fi: Add 130 mA
Sleep mode: 5 mA

Internal Memory Storage Battery Three-year shelf life (battery does not discharge while external power is applied)

Temperature Range -20C to 50C (operating)
-30C to 60C (storage)
-40C to 85C (storage with internal battery removed)

External Serial Ports: RS-232 ESD protected
COM1: full handshaking (port not available with internal Wi-Fi)
COM2: full handshaking
COM3: three-wire

Switched Power Output: 1.3 A continuous (internal resettable fuse)
Vehicle load-dump protection
Short circuit protection (9 A max)
Output voltage equals supply voltage less a diode drop

Digital Inputs: Maximum voltage range: +/- 200 V
Digital low level: < 1.3 V
Digital high level: > 6.5 V
10 KOhm pull-up resistance (excluding IGN input)

Digital Outputs: Low-side switches (no pull-ups)
Load voltage up to 60 V
170 mA continuous per output (internal resettable fuse)
Short circuit protection (9 A max)

Analog Inputs: Maximum voltage range: +/- 200 V
Measurement range: 0 - 36 V
12-bit resolution

GPS: U-Blox LEA-5H 50-channel receiver
Tracks signals down to –160 dBm
Active antenna connector (3.3 V output)

Accelerometer: +/- 2 g in X, Y and Z directions

Clock: Built-in real time clock with battery backup

Temperature: Internal temperature sensor

Standard Features

  • Choice of internal modems. GSM-GPRS cellular and/or Iridium SBD satellite
  • Dual mode network automatic switching
  • GPS reports stored when network is lost. Automatic download as soon as network link re-established
  • GPS reporting based on speed, distance traveled, and events
  • GPS time/location on speeding over set limits
  • Reports based on sensor inputs
  • Time/location reports based on stop/starts over X minutes stopped
  • Remote control options. Up to four outputs
  • Data can be transmitted real-time or stored and downloaded based on time or file size.
  • Data stored while unit powered down
  • Delayed power down. Programmable in seconds up to 18 hours
  • Engine idling and running hours
  • Accelerometer motion sensor, three axis


GSM-GPRS module

  1. FCC: Parts 15, 22 & 24
  2. GCF: Version 3.27.0
  3. CE:Yes
  4. RoHS Compliant: Yes
  5. PTCRB: Version 5.6

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