ROBOLINK Automated Service Call Dispatching for Robotic Assembly Plants

Datalink's RoboLink provides a fast and automated method of selecting and dispatching a trained technician based on fault code to quickly respond to an Assembly Line Robot that has developed a fault. DataGate control software is installed on a Windows computer connected to the Plant's Robot Control Computers. The RoboLink dispatch program can also be accessed by authorized personnel using computers, smartphones or tablets running WebGate and connected to the DataGate control hub. Password access is required.

RoboLink automatically time stamps and stores all messages and replies in a permanent database, an important advantage over voice communications where service calls have to be reviewed at a later date. When a work order is issued automatically or by the system control desk staff RoboLink transmits the details to a qualified technician in seconds.


Our RoboLink "in plant" service dispatching Software will also work in a manual dispatch mode where dispatch desk or plant supervisors select the correct technician to repair the fault.

Network Compatibility:

NEXEDGE,  Local LAN WiFi, 4G/LTE Cellular.

Hardware Compatibility:

NEXEDGE voice/data portable radios and Android SmartPhones. Datalink recommends the SONIM 7

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RoboLink in operation in an automated Michelin Tire Production Plant









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         ROBOLINK Automated Service Call Dispatching for Automated Assembly Factories