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Datalink Systems has been designing software for fifteen years. Our RediTrac is compatible with Marcotte Smart Systems for Ready Mix producers. Live status updates inform the dispatchers on the status and location of every truck every few minutes, ensuring an efficient "on-time" flow of concrete to every job-site.


Each status update is transmitted over a choice of wireless networks to a DataGate processing hub, either Cloud based or locally installed in the Ready Mix company's computer which processes the data and forwards it to the Marcotte WebServer, which in turn routes it to the Marcotte Operations local dispatch desk where the Dispatcher will have visual information of each truck's status in the delivery pipeline.










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Marcotte eTickets


Enables truck driver to view the ticket related to the current job. Provides driver with all relevant information pertaining to the job such as customer name, job site address, on site contact name, mix description, usage, slump and delivery time. Driver can proactively prepare for an optimized loading of the truck.
eTicket add-ons
Driver has the flexibility to add specific notes, pictures and/or any additional billable materials used during the pour to ensure accuracy of what will be invoiced and provide future assessment of the job using vocal recognition if so desired.


Drum rotation and other sensor monitoring requires the installation of the Datalink i50 MobiHUB








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WebGate Messaging and GPS Tracking Program
Works with both Basic and Advanced Modes

WebGate allows the Dispatchers to exchange two-way text messages with the drivers and to monitor their GPS location and the status of all on-board sensors and switches.