Datalink Systems has been designing software for fifteen years. Our latest development, RediTrac supports Marcotte  Smart Systems for Ready Mix producers.   Knelsen Sand and Gravel, Calgary, Alberta was the first company to adopt RediTrac for use with the Kenwood Mobile Radios installed in their Ready-Mix Trucks.  Live status updates inform the dispatchers of the status and location of every truck on a minute by minute basis, ensuring an efficient flow of concrete to every job-site.

NOTE!   This is not a "Dispatch" system. This will add enhanced GPS tracking and status reporting to existing Batch Plant Dispatching Software developed by 3rd. parties.

.  Key features:

                                                                                                                         HARDWARE OPTIONS                                  

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                                                                                 Datalink DataNET software is compatible with two types of hardware devices;



The DataLINK i50 MobiHUB depicted on the right side provides a number of sensor inputs and outputs;

When the i50 MobiHUB is coupled to a GARMIN NUVI 7"  display terminal the following features are available.

The Motia MDT-5700 depicted on the left is a Heavy Duty Mobile Data Terminal alternative to the i50/GARMIN combination.  Featured options are similar but without on-screen mapping. The MDT-5700 requires custom software development and is more suited to larger fleets.

The MDT 5700 is based on the Microsoft Windows CE6 OS. with an 7 Inch LCD touch screen, Samsung S3C2450 processor and a rugged design for heavy duty mobile Fleet Management Services. The power management features  dual super capacitors and surge protection circuitry for sudden power loss, drop or surge in vehicles' electrical circuits.

The MDT-5700 (made by Motia Co. Korea)  is available with firmware developed by Datalink Systems Inc.  and compatible with Datalink's DataNET and WebGate host programs. The MDT firmware allows customers to create their own screen layout and button design. Customers can enter text and choice of language (limited choices).
























Marcotte  Systems  Software Screens
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