Android devices and NX-5000 Radios

linked over Bluetooth

DataNET is our host software programs that allow communication between remote assets and regional or local work stations. Whether you are tracking remote mobile assets such as vehicles, vessels or trains, or communicating with remote pumps or weather stations, DataNET provides you with advanced monitoring and control.

DataGate is the core IP packet routing hub which can be installed in any Windows computer. WebGate is the Web-Browser program that allows for location monitoring using a wide range of mapping options plus two way text messaging and job-dispatching.

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  • It can be installed on any Windows based computer, allowing complete control of the software without the cost and loss of control associated with an external provider
  • Multiple terrestrial and satellite network interfaces
  • Built-in web, email and SMS servers
  • Mapping support including Google, Bing and OpenStreetMap
  • Works with static and dynamic mobile addresses
  • Can work as a private routing hub for maximum security
  • Works as a public regional or national IP router
  • Integrates with legacy systems and third-party programs
  • Works with ODBC databases (SQL Server, MySQL, etc.)
  • NEXEDGE network interface using Console Direct IP or Base Radio serial output.
  • P25 GPS and data only (Phase 1)



















  • Works with most Android Smartphones and Tablets.
  • Links a Smartphone/Tablet to an NX-5K radio (short range Bluetooth).
  • Emergency button.
  • NX-5K linked Android devices do not need Cell' service or SIMs
  • Incoming text messages are voice announced.
  • GPS updates on distance travelled.  Reduces channel loading.
  • Custom Job-Dispatching screens available.
  • Two-way text messaging.
  • Blackberry, iPhone and iPads to follow.



























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