No monthly fees if you use your own computer/server

FireNet by Datalink International is a variant of Datalink's DataNET, in use by many governments and private companies globally.

FireNet Host Software has one price. $3,480 USD for a lifetime license which also includes 40 remote asset licenses for Volunteer Firefighters who will use their Smart-Phones or certain LMR Portable Radios to be called out. If you don't have your own server there is a $50 monthly fee for Datalink CLOUD access per FireHall. Your FireNet account also includes Datalink's 911-Elert Paging "Call-Out" Application which works with certin LMR Portable Radios, Smartphones and two tone pagers.

Fire Chiefs and Assistants can access the Cloud server using a Tablet, Laptop or Large Screen Smartphone to view all team members and to exchange text messages with other Fire Chiefs and Assistants.




  • Call out more FireFighters.
  • Get immediate distress alerts with GPS location on screen.
  • Exchange two-way text messages.
  • Exchange two-way emails.
  • Use Datalink's scaleable Geo-Zone radius to link to other Fire Halls
  • See status and location of remote equipment.
  • Prioritize alerts to others with code levels, including one to one or broadcast.










With Datalink's WebGATE installed in a Tablet or Android Smart Phone such as a Samsung NOTE, the Fire Chief can view the GPS location of all assets and FireFighters.

NOTE! Datalink's 911-Elert "call-out" Software is included at no cost.




"ADD-ON" HARDWARE AND SERVICES (additional may  apply)

MFireNet can also be cross-linked to other agencies such as Police and Municipal services such as electrical and water, using PTT/Cellular  bridging Applications.

Free evaluation software is available.


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