DATALINK's  Regional Multi-Network Cloud Service 
Your own CLOUD Wide Area service now available to all Kenwood SMR Resellers





Datalink i50 MobiHUB

With the introduction of JVCKenwood's NEXEDGE Gen' 2 Repeaters and Radios, Datalink's CLOUD service is being updated to allow SMRs to become a Regional Master Cloud Routing Hub, providing Multi-Network Data routing to "end users" and to other LMR resellers with low monthly fees.

This provides SMRs and other JVCKenwood Dealers with an excellent monthly residual revenue service to offer to their clients who are wanting to add GPS tracking and text messaging to their mobile assets. When multiple GPS reports interfer with voice transmissions, a simple solution is to move GPS on to an M2M service, also part of the CLOUD service.


  • No Server or Software installation required by "end users" and other resellers.
  • Low Monthly cost to your customers and no long term contract required.
  • Direct IP Console DataGate link to Repeaters.
  • Clients & Dealers use any Web-Browser to log into the server to control and view users and assets.
  • HOS Hours of Service eLogs for long distance drivers.
  • Allows for NEXEDGE open linking to other SMRs running a Datalink CLOUD Hub. Span thousands of miles.
  • Territorial Protection in your network coverage area.
  • Compatible with FirstNET when it goes on-line.
  • No monthly payments to Datalink. 100% of revenue stays in your account.

NEXEDGE + Cellular and M2M data

DATALINK'S CLOUD service with integrated Cellular, Satellite and M2M-IoT provides Kenwood LMR dealers with the perfect multi-network platform to provide complete GPS and data processing for a wide range of customer needs. Network convergence is here and Datalink's DataNET is the leader, with more networks and more mobile assets linked through  DataGate Gateways. DataNET will be the leading Data Network Convergence platform for years to come.

Automatic switching of Analog and Conventional Radios on multi-site networksClick here for details.


- NEXEDGE Gen1-Gen2
- FIRSTNET Band 14
- DMR (under development)
- Conventional Digital and Analog Radios
- Cellular  3G LTE and HSPA
- Iridium Satellite (Short Burst Data)
- Globalstar Data
- Thuraya-ViaSat Video/Voice/Data including low cost SMS with Global coverage as low as 3 cents per message.
                              This can provide very low cost "on demand"  SCADA services  anywhere.

Many dealers are reluctant to allow automatic GPS updates where fleet clients want typically two minute or faster which data which can interfere with voice calls can be pushed on to low cost M2M cellular networks. Adding M2M allows you to sell a range of hardware to meet different client requirements.

Datalink recommends RACK-SPACE with their Server Farm based in Texas. Typical monthly server cost should be under $100. Datalink will install the DataGate and train your staff on how to administer all aspect of control and asset routing.  Datalink can also provide monthly administration services if you don't have qualified staff.


   1 x DataGate Enterprise +.  With  Encryption. Email server.  Multispeak (for Power Utilities).   
 15 x WebGate Client Screen Web Browser Access.
250 x Class B asset licenses.  Works with radios with internal GPS receiver and basic Cellular GPS devices.
  50 x Class A asset licenses. Required for i50 MobiHUB and  some other 3rd party devices.

Regular Trade Level pricing $25,892

Special introductory cost  $15,535   a 40% special discount.  You save $10,357

Free 14 day evaluation.

Offer ends April 30th. 2017 or sooner.


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