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Datalink's NXlink Cloud Service
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NEXEDGE + M2M data

NXlink Cloud provides Kenwood LMR dealers with the perfect multi-network platform to provide complete GPS and data processing for a wide range of customer needs. Network convergence is here and Datalink's DataNET is the leader with more networks and more mobile assets linked through a common DataGate. 

All Kenwood NX radios with GPS can connect to our Cloud server via Base Radio with a serial to Ethernet adaptor or via IP Console Direct, where the Datalink Cloud Server is assigned an IP Console node in the NEXEDGE network.  Datalink's Cloud service provides Kenwood Dealers with many more options, including merged LMR, Cellular M2M, and Iridium Satellite data services.


With M2M services, GPS data which can interfere with voice calls can be pushed on to M2M networks. Adding M2M allows you to sell a range of hardware to meet different client requirements.


When you elect to use Datalink's new M2M services you eliminate the initial cost of DataGate and asset licenses which can run around $5,000 for a fleet of 100 vehicles. Our M2M is very "turn key" with Datalink staff proving on-line training. The only other costs are for the required WebGate or DataHost workstation licenses which would normally be a customer "end user" cost.


Using our Cloud servers is very simple. After your account is established you simply point your radios (data) to our Server IP address and use a Web Browser to view your assets on a choice of map screens and exchange text messages.

Adding Cellular M2M is also straightforward. No contract required, Datalink supplies the preconfigured SIM cards and you just pay for the airtime used. Supported 3G networks include AT&T and T-Mobile with automatic roaming between networks. Roaming into Canada is available.


Click here to see our wide range of compatible M2M devices.

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