10" Tablet with Weblink
Hand held WebLink in Galaxy NOTE 4


WebLink is an Android App  developed by Datalink and is freely available as an "Add-On" when buying WebGate.

Custom versions can be created to meet the demands of most clients.
WebLink will work with the MDT-710 and also Tablets and SmartPhones of any size.

Datalink is often asked about our Apps being available for iOS, iPhones and iPads. The 10.5" iPAD with wi-Fi and Cellular costs $900,  a 10.5" Android Tablet costs typically around $100 and has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LTE-4G.
Android SmartPhones start at $80 typically.

We get many comments about frequent GPS reports interfering with voice traffic. This is mostly due to uniformed customers requesting two minute updates as a example. Datalink's intelligent GPS programming only sends GPS data that contains events such as starts and stops, bad driving habits, speeding and geo-fence violations as examples.

Where a client insists on frequent reports GPS data can be routed over Cellular networks. 
Datalink's  New MDT-710 Ruggedized Android Terminal LMR, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Serial Cable. LTE-4G with optional internal Modem

The MDT-710 provides many options. It can operate with most LMR radios that have a transparent option or Bluetooth. It will also work as a stand-alone over LTE-4G.

Datalink can provide custom development services to meet most cutomers needs

Weblink and custom developed Apps work with Datalink's WebGATE Host Program.



   NX-5XXX series with Bluetooth







Fits standard RAM Mounts




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Contact sales@datalinksystemsinc.com  for more information and any custom developments your customers may need.


























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