i50 MobiHUB General Specifications


The Tracker i50 has been manufactured in California and Canada since 2007 to ISO 9001 standards with the PCB gold flashed to prevent long term surface corrosion.



Size: 168 mm x 128 mm x 39 mm (L x W x H) (case size, excluding connectors)

Supply Voltage: 7 – 30 VDC continuous operation
Vehicle load-dump protection
Internal resettable fuse
Reverse polarity protection

Current (at 12 V input): Normal operation: 100 mA
Cellular: Add 25 mA (220 mA during TX)
Satellite: Add 34 mA (180 mA during TX)
Wi-Fi: Add 130 mA
Sleep mode: 5 mA

Internal Battery Three-year shelf life (battery does not discharge while external power is applied)

Temperature Range -20C to 50C (operating)
-30C to 60C (storage)
-40C to 85C (storage with internal battery removed)

External Serial Ports: RS-232 ESD protected
COM1: full handshaking (port not available with internal Wi-Fi)
COM2: full handshaking
COM3: three-wire

Switched Power Output: 1.3 A continuous (internal resettable fuse)
Vehicle load-dump protection
Short circuit protection (9 A max)
Output voltage equals supply voltage less a diode drop

Digital Inputs: Maximum voltage range: +/- 200 V
Digital low level: < 1.3 V
Digital high level: > 6.5 V
10 KOhm pull-up resistance (excluding IGN input)

Digital Outputs: Low-side switches (no pull-ups)
Load voltage up to 60 V
170 mA continuous per output (internal resettable fuse)
Short circuit protection (9 A max)

Analog Inputs: Maximum voltage range: +/- 200 V
Measurement range: 0 - 36 V
12-bit resolution

GPS: U-Blox LEA-5H 50-channel receiver
Tracks signals down to –160 dBm
Active antenna connector (3.3 V output)

Accelerometer: +/- 2 g in X, Y and Z directions

Clock: Built-in real time clock with battery backup

Temperature: Internal temperature sensor



  1. FCC: Parts 15, 22 & 24
  2. GCF: Version 3.27.0
  3. CE:Yes
  4. RoHS Compliant: Yes


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