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DATALINK-M2M...a Cloud based service


GPS tracking/navigation/messaging over NEXEDGE and M2M cellular

Datalink is now able to offer an alternative "pay per month" DataNET service based on our new cloud server. Our original service was on a pay once, lifetime license basis, which was sometimes a costly initial investment. Datalink's new cloud based NXlink Web-Server creates a low cost easy entry solution for Kenwood Dealers to offer GPS tracking and other data solutions over their NEXEDGE networks and optional M2M cellular when the NEXEDGE or analog network gets overloaded with GPS reporting.


  • Only buy WebGate workstation screen licenses as required
  • No DataGate or mobile asset license fees
  • Low cost monthly fees
  • Total security and privacy for your various customers
  • Wide range of GPS tracking devices
  • Works with NEXEDGE and analog networks or dual mode with added M2M cellular data


As a Kenwood Dealer you simply apply by email to Datalink for Dealer level pricing and a initial free evaluation DATALINK-M2M account. This includes one WebGate license and five mobile asset licenses which can be assigned to radios and other hardware terminals as required for testing and live demonstrations to customers. Your customers simply log into our  server using our WebGate browser program, with the user name and password provided by the Dealer.  It's that simple.

There is a monthly fee applied for each remote asset, including NX radios (Mobile and Portable) and also 3rd party hardware over M2M cellular. Typically under $9 USD


  • NX-7XXXX  0 (click for Apps)
  • Datalink i50 MobiHub
  • Motia MDT-5700
  • Datalink Mobius (Windows mapping and two way text messaging for Laptops connected to NX 700/800 Radios)
  • Garmin NUVI devices.  (requires an i50 Mobihub connected to NX700/800 Radio or over M2M)

click here for technical details on how NXlink connects to your NEXEDGE network
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