The i50-VMS is manufactured in California to ISO 9001 standards with the PCB gold flashed to prevent long term surface corrosion.





Size:                                      168 mm x 128 mm x 39 mm (L x W x H)

                                                (case size, excluding connectors)

Supply Voltage:   7 18 VDC continuous operation *

Vehicle load-dump protection

                                                Internal resettable fuse

                                                Reverse polarity protection

Current (@ 12 V input):   Normal operation: 100 mA

                                                Cellular: Add 2 mA (220 mA during TX)

                                                Satellite: Add 34 mA (180 mA during TX)

                                                Wi-Fi: Add 130 mA (260 mA during TX)

                                                Sleep mode: < 8 mA

Internal Battery:   CR2032 lithium cell

                                                Three-year shelf life

                                                (battery does not discharge while external power is applied)

Temperature Range:   -20C to 50C (operating)

                                                -30C to 60C (storage)

                                                -40C to 85C (storage with internal battery removed)

External Serial Ports:    RS-232 ESD protected

                                                COM1: full handshaking (port not available with internal Wi-Fi)

                                                COM2: full handshaking

                                                COM3: three-wire

Switched Power Output:   1.3 A continuous (internal resettable fuse)

                                                Vehicle load-dump protection

                                                Short circuit protection (9 A max)

                                                Output voltage equals supply voltage less a diode drop

Digital Inputs:   Maximum voltage range: +/- 200 V

                                                Digital low level: < 1.7 V

                                                Digital high level: > 3.1 V

                                                10 KW pull-up resistance (excluding IGN input)

Digital Outputs:   Low-side switches (no pull-ups)

                                                Load voltage up to 60 V

                                                170 mA continuous per output (internal resettable fuse)

                                                Short circuit protection (9 A max)

Analog Inputs:   Maximum voltage range: +/- 200 V

                                                Measurement range: 0 - 36 V

                                                12-bit resolution

Clock:                                    Built-in real time clock with battery backup

Temperature:   Internal temperature sensor


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