Vocalis is the most complete Push-to-Talk system over cellular.

Vocalis is a Push-to-Talk (PTT) over cellular system that is easy to use, gives you complete control, and covers more of the nation because of our unique partnership with NextM2M. This means you get the best PoC (PTT over Cellular) solution for whatever your needs are at the best prices.


Restriction App

Our specially developed Vocalis Lock application can be installed along with the Vocalis app allowing you to block unauthorized usage by employees which can increase data costs. You choose the apps that are allowed to access cellular data.


Connect to WebGate

Only Vocalis connects your PoC devices to Datalink’s WebGate service. WebGate provides you with the tools to track everything in your fleet. WebGate merges different networks and a wide range of remote assets on a common screen allowing for easy asset monitoring.


NextM2M Sims

NextM2M SIMs allow you to save on data costs while also providing superior coverage. NextM2M SIMs are network agnostic. They will connect to the cellular tower with the best coverage for your area.

Coming soon to Vocalis! NXDN-DMR Bridge with no donor radios and security patrol with GPS and NFC scanning!

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Actual coverage may vary. This is for basic representational purposes only.

Superior Coverage

NextM2M SIMs Cover More Places Than Any One Carrier

Using Vocalis with our NextM2M SIMs allows for more coverage than any one carrier can provide. No matter your location your device connects to the strongest signal. No other provider of PTT over cellular offers this level of coverage.

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Vocalis Devices

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Ulefone Armor X5

The Ulefone Armor X5 is a full-feature, ruggedized Android phone. It allows for greater functionality while still having physical PTT and SOS buttons. If you are comfortable with Android OS, you will already know how to use this device.

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More Approved Devices Coming Soon...


Vocalis utilizes the cellular network to deliver a wide-area, network PTT solution.

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