Competitively priced - Multi-Function Mobile Data Terminal

Satellite Networks

Satellite Networks

  • Iridium
  • Globalstar
  • MSV-MSAT-1

Terrestrial Networks

  • GSM-GPRS (internal modem)
  • Kenwood Transparent
Satellite Networks

ADD-ON Options

  • QWERTY Keyboard
  • Grace Industries Lone-Worker System

The MDT-2000 has a low price point and high quality performance and specifications.

  • Internal 12-channel GPS receiver
  • Four serial RS-232 COM Ports
  • DOS platform
  • Intel 386 CPU processing power
  • 512KB SRAM, 512KB ROM and 2MB Flash memory (up to 16MB flash memory option)

Dispatch Messaging

The MDT-2000 has a simple dispatching interface, allowing dispatch operators to send jobs to the MDT screen. These screens prompt the driver throughout the job process, timestamping events as they occur. Job status is sent in real-time, so that dispatchers can monitor progress. The MDT manual includes screen captures documenting this process.

See the MDT Manual for more information.