Click here to download a limited time free evaluation of DataGate and WebGate Dispatching and Monitoring Screen. Select DataGate-Plus 6.XX.XX.  Install, open up and fill in the license request panel. When license is granted, repeat the request to unlock the license. Support manuals are located here.



WebGate,  developed by Datalink Systems, provides Web-Browser access to DataGate IP packet routing server software, allowing users to access the DataGate from any web browser without installing software. Each user is assigned various permissions, ranging from simple read-only mapping to complete administrative control over DataGate assets and users.

For government and municipal applications, mobile assets assigned to different departments can be fully segregated with only each department seeing and communicating with their assets and field personnel. Senior management can be assigned access to view and communicate with all field assets and personnel. DataNET's unique capabilities is unmatched, as it merges multiple 3rd party manufactured devices and multiple RF networks, satellite and terrestrial on one common platform.

                                  SQL Database linked to a DataGate is required to store and recall historical data



WebGates act as local or remote workstations using  Web-Browser screens linked to a specific DataGate and password protected. WebGate allows extensive remote control of a DataGate including assets and personnel, providing management functions that have been assigned by the DataGate administrator. WebGate software licenses are purchased from Datalink Systems Inc. 

WebGates can be installed in multiple Windows workstations and other computers including Tablets and Smartphones connected to a designated DataGate over a wide range of wireless networks.  A specific WebGate can be assigned three levels of DataGate remote control  access. 

1: Administrator.    Provides complete configuration control.
2: Supervisor.         Has limited control.
3: User.                    A user can only view maps, poll and exchange two-way text messages, The user cannot change any settings.

Any asset can be assigned to one or more groups. It must belong to at least one group. Groups are controlled and set-up at the DataGate level only. This provides complete user level security. As an example, A common DataGate can be used to track, control and map monitor multiple independent fleet operations, with each fleet operator viewing and controlling only their assets on their WebGates. Sub-Groups can also be created where a company may have regional offices and Fleet Depots.

WebGate User set-up

As a WebGate Administrator, you are assigned a user name and password by the DataGate Administrator which will allow you to use common Web-Browsers to log into a DataGate to view, control, assign, add and delete assets including two-way messaging.  Routing access to the DataGate will be provided to you by the DataGate Administrator.



To configure the settings for any asset, use the mouse pointer to select an asset in the left side panel. Then click on "config" on the top green menu panel.
You can now scroll down the various settings and update as required.




WebGate allows multiple Polygon "Geo-Fences" to be created. Any selected vehicle entering or leaving a fenced area will generate an alert which can be
emailed to any address.

WebGate also provides dynamic geo-fencing. This will create an alert when two or more moving assets are within a set distance of each other.  A typical
application would be off road logging trucks.

For complete information on WebGate please download the operators manual.





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