i50 MobiHUB







The i50 MobiHUB has fifteen years of design experience behind it. Available with  optional Cellulae 3G 4G modem, and/or Iridium SBD Satellite modem for world wide operation. Will also connect directly to certain models of LMR Mobile Radios. Can be ordered as a complete end to end ready to run solution, including back-end software,, or as an OEM circuit board assembly with firmware for installation into 3rd party enclosures.





The i50 MobiHUB is fully integrated with our DataGate "back end" IP routing software, allowing complete "end to end" performance with a choice of mapping programs and client workstation software (optional) or direct connection to most Database programs.
















        Iridium  9602 SBD transceiver.

        GPRS modem. Ublox

        Wi-Fi module.


The i50 MobiHUB fully assembled and tested circuit board can be purchased for installation into other 3rd. party enclosures.  Contact   Datalink Systems Inc. for more information.

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