Datalink J-Link "Plug-N-Play" engine monitoring
M2M GSM - HSPA Networks





Datalink's Jlink is a quad-band (world-wide operation) "plug-n-Play" smart device with integrated GPS and 3 axis accelerometer for diesel and gasoline powered vehicles. Voltage range is 9-36 volts. It plugs in directly to the engine computer's diagnostic port, capturing and transmitting code alerts and other engine data with GPS location to a remote DataGate server.

SAE J1850 PWM - J1850 VPW - ISO 9141-2 - ISO 14230-4  - ISO 15765-4 - SAE J1939 - SAE J1587/1708



Optional Deutsch J1939 "Y" splitter cable assembly available


Internal GPS/OBDll/J1939
Works with both Diesel and Gasoline engines.
"Plug-In" operation. No installation fees.
Low cost.
Live engine fault code and data reporting
Monitors bad driving habits, hard braking and cornering
Monitors fuel wastage, excessive idling
Reports excessive speeding.











The J-Link is the perfect device to monitor your Fleet, whether they be "In Town" service vehicles or "Long Haul" heavy duty trucks. Wherever they are, their location and engine reports are at your fingertips. You will even get high priority alerts emailed to your Smartphone.

The J-Link can be ordered with or without a SIM and Cellular airtime, or you can provide your own SIM and airtime.






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