1. Update your DataGate to version 6.2.29 or higher.

  2. Open programming:

  3. Create a new User. e.g.  HOS

  4. Select the Group that will use HOS

  5. Select the Advanced TAB

  6. In the  LINK NAME enter FleetNet

  7. In the URL line you will enter the API key provided to you by Wireless Links.

If the DataGate is remote you may not be able to copy and paste the key.  You will have to enter all the characters manually which can be time consuming and open to errors.  An alternative is to use a Web Email Server such as Gmail. Email the key to your Gmail or whatever account you have. In the remote server open a Web Browser and log into Gmail to retrieve the key and paste it into the URL line then click SAVE.

Now open WebGate and you should see at the top right corner  HOS or whatever user-name you selected. Click on HOS and select FleetNet. A  LOG-IN screen should open with name and password boxes.  With the correct credentials entered you should now see the Hours of Service screen and related details.