Mobile Radio NX-5XXX (Bluetooth Data)
Use-KPG-D1 programmer

 Under Transceiver Settings:

Update radio settings and close programmer.


If you are setting up a new Android device you may have to allow the following.

  1. Allow unknown application.
  2. Update Google Play

First time set-up requires the Android device and target NX-5000 radio to be in close proximity to enable pairing. Also a copy of Weblink Kenwood BT should be installed and running.

This completes the radio to device pairing. Thereafter the device will automatically pair with the assigned radio when in range. You should hear two beep after a few seconds confirming pairing is active.

NOTE! Initial Bluetooth paring has to be set-up carefully. Both the Android device and the WebGate App have to be paired. It may be necessary to power cycle the radio a couple of times. We have also noticed that the Radio Bluetooth screen may state the Bluetooth is not connected when it actually is. It is best to send a test message which the radio is in front of you. The radio should go into transmit mode as soon as the Android message is sent over the Bluetooth link.

SET UP WEBLINK IN ANDROID DEVICE (ensure you have installed the latest WebLink Kenwood BT version) e.g. WebLink  KW v3 xxx

As it is assumed that the Android Tablet/Smartphone will be dedicated for NEXEDGE NX5XXXX text messaging, it is advisable to turn of WiFi the device when not required.


GPS data is processed separately within the NEXEDGE Radio and transmitted over the network. Due to limited NEXEDGE bandwidth, Maps cannot be streamed into the device so WebGate only processes two-way text messaging.

Base Radio Set-Up

Base Radio Connections

There are a number of ways to connect the base radio to the computer running DataGate.

  1. Direct serial cable connection.
  2. Serial to Ethernet adaptor. This permits remote connections over IP
  3. Direct IP to repeater using IP Console.

For additional support when connection problems appear click here

The following diagram shows the connections required to adapt the radio's DB-25 connector to a female DB-9.

Radio DB-25 to DB-9 female wiring

The following diagram shows the connections required to adapt the radio's DB-25 connector to a male DB-9. (to connect to MDT5700)

Radio DB-25 to DB-9 Male wiring

Software Set-Up

Refer to the main NXDN setup page

Undated:  Nov-22-2015