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DataGate acts as an IP data routing hub. As such it can link to and process data from multiple local and remote IDAS base radios. The remote radios can be located anywhere there is live Internet access, cable, GSM, Microwave or Satellite.  At each remote site the base radio serial port is connected to the remote Host DataGate via a Serial to ethernet adaptor. The host DataGate can be installed in any quality Windows PC or Server and can run as a local private system connected to a local base radio, or as a wide area system with multiple local and remote base radios. These remote links between base radios and DataGate can be VPN, Internet or Satellite.


The adaptor should be configured to route the data to the IP and port address configured in the Host DataGate.


To connect a local base radio to the DataGate, if it is within cable reach you can connect the serial port on the base radio to a serial COM port on the DataGate computer. If there is no serial RS-232 port on the computer you can use a USB to serial adaptor.  Alternatively you can use a Serial to Ethernet adaptor and connect into the local LAN.

The following screen outlines how to add and configure remote base radio source programs. One is required for each source, whether local or distant. To set up, open DataGate and select View / Data Sources and the following screen will appear. Fill in the appropriate boxes and "OK" to complete.

The above is a "quick set-up" screen. It is essential that you take time to read and understand the DataGate programming manual http://www.datalinksystemsinc.com/support/datagate.pdf


  -A status request (poll) is what tells the radio to reply back with its GPS position.

  -In the screen below you tell the radio to allow polling and determine which STATUS MESSAGE is associated with GPS request (example case is 100)


















NOTE: ensure RS-232 handshake is the same at each end (Radio and DataSource in DataGate) it should be 4800.8.N.1

Download the GPS .icf file


Confirm firmware version of the repeater, current is Main 2.5 and DSP 2.6.  Only works with serial connection. Ensure IP linked IS OFF . Normal  IP connection is  via the UC-FR5000 or serial connection via the DB25 not both simultaneously.

Additional Support information can be found in the DataGate Manual  starting at Page 110.

ICOM IDAS technical support courtesy of ICOM Canada.

For additional help when required email: Support@datalinksystemsinc.com

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