M2M Cloud service


Low cost GPS and data processing over M2M cellular networks.

Datalink with its Cloud based server can provide complete managed hosting and administrative services. This can be a preferred option for Kenwood Dealers and smaller municipalities who may not have a full time IT department. When you contract Datalink to provide full administration of your remote GPS and data processing devices in the field you simply use Datalink's WebGate on any Web Browser program. WebGate will run on desktops, mobile tablets and larger size Smartphones. Datalink recommends Firefox as being the most compatible.

When you purchase hardware from Datalink the devices are pre-programmed and an active SIM is installed and tested. All that is required at your end is for a staff technician to install in the assigned vehicles. Once installed and powered up, the devices will report to the assigned WebGates within the organization. All data and WebGate access is secured by user ID and Passwords.  Free evaluation WebGate access to Datalink's demonstration Cloud Server is available.

Our Cloud service is available based on 24 month airtime contracts or open service with a 3 month minimum service (pre-paid). You can discontinue the 3 month service with one months advance notice. The reasons for this may be opting for the 24 month contract at a lower cost, or you have elected to purchase and install our complete DataNET software in your own server.

Over the past few years cellular data services by GSM cellular service companies have tumbled. Datalink can provide you with fully administered Cloud service and airtime including 2MB of data which covers most GPS tracking devices for less than $12 per month.  Airtime only for use with your own DataNET is $8 for 2 MB of data per month.

For more advanced operation such as Law Enforcement and Emergency Field Command Centers Datalink's WebGate provides mobile data communications with multiple network options however 3G/4G/LTE service is a requirement.  Datalink can provide 3G/4G/LTE data services at different costs.

For complete details and a demonstration of our systems and services contact your regional office listed on the pervious page.


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