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Datalink's NXlink software provides almost instant ability to silently alert key personnel when a serious incident occurs. NXlink ties LMR Portable and Mobile radios and Cellular Smartphones together on single dispatch screens. NXlink provides an Email bridge between the Internet and Cellular networks and LMR VHF/UHF networks.


NXLINK can add a new dimension by merging NEXEDGE and SMS text message alerts to selected personnel or selected groups or all addresses on the security office database.


  • Emails and alerts to LMR Portables

  • SMS and Email alerts to any Smartphone

  • Select areas by group managment

  • Create urgent Alerts from remote Laptops or Tablets

  • Two-way text messaging (Incident reports from key personnel)

  • Emails to Security Personnel Portable Radios

  • Special instructions to individual Security Personnel

  •  NXlink control software is installed on a Windows based computer server in the security office or other location. The NXlink message dispatch program is password protected and can also be remotely accessed by any web-browser over the internet.

    NXlink automatically time stamps and stores all messages and acknowledgements in a permanent database. An important advantage over voice communications where incidents have to be reviewed at a later date.

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