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A translation layer for all of your devices and networks

DataGate has been proven for over twenty years of field operations by government and military agencies. DataGate has no equal. It merges multiple networks, satellite and terrestrial, with hardware made by a variety of manufacturers. GPS track and text communicate with a wide range of assets fixed location and mobile. These assets can include land vehicles, vessels, aircraft, and employees.

DataGate installs on local servers or in the cloud. A MilGate version is also available with AES-256 encryption for military and law enforcement applications. It also allows the sharing of GPS and other data between agencies, each operating their own MilGate, or by encrypted ODB database sharing routed through an affiliated MilGate. These can be operated independently by other agencies, such as state police, sheriff's departments, and local police departments. They can be hosted on local servers, in the cloud, or VPN networks (ODB) on a national basis. Adding Vocalis PoC for law enforcement or military operations you can have encrypted team talk wherever there is cellular or Thuraya satellite coverage.

DataGate network compatibility includes: 3G, 4G, and 5G cellular. UHF/VHF digital radios (NXDN, DMR, TETRA, ASTRO-25, MUPS). Inmarsat, Thuraya, and Iridium satellites.

MilGate is currently in operation with the UK Ministry of Defence


Three men in construction helmets discussing something

Track employees over cellular, satellite, or UHF/VHF.


Boats docked and out in a bay

GPS track vessels with 20 second latency using Iridium SBD.


Parking lot full of white work vans

Track vehicles GPS location and maintainace schedules.

DataGate UI

DataGate User interface screenshot

Vocalis is a Push-to-Talk (PTT) over cellular system that is easy to use, gives you complete control, and covers more of the nation because of our unique partnership with NextM2M and Soracom. This means you get the best PoC (PTT over Cellular) solution for whatever your needs are at the best prices. Vocalis is a great addition to DataGate and integrates easily. Vocalis does not require a DataGate.


Ulefone Armor X5 ruggedized smartphone on blue and purple galaxy background

The Ulefone Armor X5 is a full-feature, ruggedized Android phone. It allows for greater functionality while still having physical PTT and SOS buttons. If you are comfortable with Android OS, you will already know how to use this device. With MIL-STD-810G certification the Armor X5 is incredibly rugged.


Inrico T320 android based walkie-talkie device on purple galaxy background

The Inrico T320 is perfect for replacing more traditional portable devices. The device includes physical PTT and SOS buttons. The T320 can be ordered with either IP54 or IP67 dust and water protection. The T320 looks like a portable radio while having the power of Android.


Anysecu 4GW2 Plus network mobile radio on galaxy background

The Anysecu 4G-W2 Plus is the perfect option for in-vehicle PoC communications. The Anysecu runs on 12V meaning it is wired into and powered by your vehicle. The 4G-W2 Plus comes with two external antennas for GPS and LTE, insuring that you have the strongest connection.

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