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Enhanced Wireless Security for Schools and Universities

What is EduLink?

EduLink is an all-encompassing, internet-based communications platform which is a variant of Datalink’s encrypted DataGate communications and tracking software. This software is used by military and governments including the US Marshals Service, the UK Ministry of Defence, and others.

One cloud based EduLink platform will link all administrative offices, schools, teachers, and other staff members. The systems works for fixed locations and mobile assets for an entire school district. This also includes school buses and other assets.

EduLink Meets the Requirements for Alyssa’s Law

In a sudden incident, the key administrators and staff managers can be in group emergency planning discussions in seconds wherever they are.


AlyssaLink Silent Alarm: the AlyssaLink silent alarm is a cloud based silent alarm available as a wall or desk mounted device. A pendant with SOS button or an application that can be installed on an Android or iOS smartphone. AlyssaLink can be supplied as a stand-alone service built into our EduLink cloud server.

DataGate: the server that handles data processing which is in the cloud.

WebGate: WebGate is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) allowing web browser access to DataGate servers anywhere.

Vocalis: a Push-to-Talk (PTT) over cellular system that is easy to use, gives you complete control, and covers more of the nation than a single carrier can provide.

Key Features

  • Low Cost and Nothing to Install

  • Uses existing WiFi Network Internally

  • Uses Encrypted Internet Links Externally

  • Encrypted Internal WiFi Transmissions

  • Auto-Forwarding to Other Email Addresses if Unacknowledged

  • Modular, Easy to Use, yet Secure Design

  • WebAlert App Installs on Android and Apple Smartphones

  • Each Staff WebAlert Smartphone App also Senses Gunshots and Auto-Transmits

  • Key Staff can use the Vocalis App in their Smartphones to PTT Group and Discuss Issues

  • GPS Monitor School Buses

  • Communicate with School Bus Drivers

  • Track Students On and Off School Buses with GPS Location

  • Can be Integrated with 3rd Party Logistics Systems such as Edulog

Silent Alarm

Pendant or in the Pocket

Complies with Alyssa’s Law

WiFi Connected in School Buildings and Cellular Linked on School Bus Trips

Select Only the System Elements You Need


Digital Communications for University Police Departments

Many new generation LMR digital UHF/VHF radios are now hybrid, with certain models incorporating LTE-4G cellular chips which provide high speed data including text-messages, GPS, and VoiP (Voice over IP). This also provides an alternative path when voice channels get congested when a wide area crisis occurs such as wildfires, hurricanes, or earthquakes.

Email Interface

DataGate contains a built-in email server, allowing it to accept emails directly from a wide range of sources. IP address filtering and white-listing are used to prevent spam.

Other Features

  • Portables, Smartphones, and Tablets All Linked on a Common Database

  • GPS Location of All or Specific Officers Appear on All Screens Including Mobiles

  • Emergency Portable Radio Button Activation Relays GPS Position to All Screens

  • Student GPS Bsafe Smartphone Application Data Relayed Automatically to Security Officers Mobile Screens

Our Global Clients


UK Ministry of Defence


US Marshals Service


US Department of State


Australian Attorney-General's Department


Royal New Zealand Air Force


Philippine Navy


Swedish National Space Agency


London Metropolitan Police Service



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