Datalink's DataNET Apps for FIRSTNET

FIRSTNET is already alive and in operation in a number of States and JVCKenwood has invested $10 Million dollars in SONIM SmartPhones, Datalink is poised to provide a number of Apps that are fully compatible with Band 14 as well as public LTE networks, and available to all JVCKenwood resellers now.

It will take AT&T some time to build out FIRSTNET (Band 14) across all States, however some regions are already using Band 14 and SONIM XP7 Smartphones are in use with both Band 14 and public LTE frequencies.

LTE Band 14 is also available in Canada.  Contact for more information.

DataNET Encrypted Apps and Sonim XP7 Smartphones can be sold now to all Law Enforcement Agencies.

Currently Datalink offers four Apps that have been developed for Law Enforcement.

Datalink AID Active VEST for Law Enforcement Officers.

Datalink PTT Web Interface. Merges VoiP PTT GPS and text onto common shared Dispatch Screens.

Datalink  TRU  Tactical Response Unit Covert Team Tracking and Text Communication Software.

Datalink BOLOweb An Application that broadcasts a "Be On the Lookout" alert based on automatically tracked closest Officers and Patrol Cars to an incident  or missing person.









Merge ESchat GPS and Text Messaging with DataNET Servers and WebGATE screens. Merge Cellular- LMR- Satellite. See everything on same screens.


PTT and Job Dispatching



Datalink Software has been in use around the world for many years. Clients include USA Dept of State, and DOJ. U.K. MOD and London Metropolitan Police. Australian Gov. AGD and others.

Datalink's DataNET provides end-to-end secure communication between field personnel and remote assets and host command desks.  DataNET provides you with the platform that enables you to communicate on a Global basis.


Datalink, the "GO TO" Company for wireless data solutions !
















Sonim XP7. Commercial and FirstNet  Bands compatible

































Contact Datalink to place orders or for more details: 1-760-309-2251 or Email:























       DataNET is compatible with FirstNet  LTE  Band 14
JVCKenwood buys 10% of SONIM and AT&T is awarded the contract to build out FirstNet's
Band 14 Nationwide!   FIRSTNET is coming alive. JVCKenwood is committed, and Datalink is ready.