The attached information will provide Datalink's resellers and agents with an understanding of how WebGate processes data across multiple applications.

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WebGate is the GUI (Graphical User Interface) between a 
DataGate data processing hub located on a CLOUD or on a local server as a private system as for Law Enforcement or a shared DataGate operated by a regional reseller to many end user companies.

Kenwood Dealers will be familiar with KAS-20 network controller. KAS-20 is limited to the control of Kenwood radios and networks, which may not include Kenwood SONIM PoC Cellular devices.
WebGate on the other hand can be operated by multiple dispatch desks linked to a range of networks including LMR, Cellular and Satellite controlling a wide range of remote hardware devices.
The complete  
WebGate manual PDF can be accessed through this link.

FirstNet operated by AT&T forced all the LMR manufacturers to get involved and produce radios compatible with the AT&T network and more specifically FirstNet. Datalink believes there is a bigger commecial market that does not require compliance with AT&T. Most of the LMR PoC cellular radios use either AT&T or T-Mobile SIM cards. Unfortunately neither AT&T nor T-Mobile cover every State and regions, so most PoC radios will not work everywhere.

Datalink solved this problem by partnering many years back with NextM2M, a company based in Denmark and with airtime marketing agreements in over 200 countries including the USA. Putting a NextM2M SIM in a Kenwood Sonim radio allows operation over both AT&T and T-Mobile with automatic switching between networks. And the airtime fees are generally lower than the major carriers. Contact Datalink for more details on how to resell NextM2M airtime. NextM2M SIMs only work with unlocked cellular devices.

Datalink partnered with RealPTT to create VOCALIS which is superior to competition such as ESChat, Zello and others.  They only provide PoC service with GPS and text messaging. VOCALIS is integrated with Datalink's WebGate allowing PoC devices appearing on the same dispatch screen as LMR radios and other M2M Cellular devices such as plug-in OBD GPS trackers. A complete multi-network PoC solution.


Datalink's VOCALIS is integrated with RAVEN Electronics Corp's FlexGate which can be purchased directly from RAVEN. Please contact RAVEN directly for more information,


Datalink's engineers created an algorithm with a two-fold monitoring and protection aganst the COVID 19 virus.  TooClose is not intended for the general public.  The market focus is on employees of all types. This includes teachers, faculty and staff in all educational institutions to industrial production plant workers or open field agricultural workers. Each employee wears a temperature sensing wristband which links over bluetooth to a transponder worn by the employee. This effectively is a compact Android Cellphone but blocked off from the cellular network and links over Wi-Fi to Datalink's remote CLOUD server. Companies with field workers can order a SIM card cell-network active unit where required.

The worker's temperature is transmitted every five minutes to the remote CLOUD based DataGate where an algorithm compares the averaged temperatures over the past four hours and where a gradual increase to a fever threshold an automatic alert is emailed to one or more supervisors for further action.

The same transponders use Bluetooth LE to seach for other transponders within approximately 8 ft for a minimum time period of five minutes. Those transponders will be logged and stored in the DataGate database for four weeks and when any employee is affected by the COBID 19 virus all other employees that were close to the infected employee can be traced and identified quickly.


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