Datalink's APC system can provide you with accurate daily or driver shift passenger count totals.

The core component of the Bus Passenger Counter is a HELLA 3-D stereo camera providing integrated image processing and analysis functions. It should be installed above the entry/exit door inside the Bus, and will precisely count passengers on and off the Bus. For public transport applications the installation of only one sensor per vehicle door is straightforward regardless of the door characteristics. This makes integration into any vehicle easier - be it a new or retrofitted vehicle.

Based on the HELLA APC-R Click here for more information.

i50 MobiHUB data processor
The i50 MobiHUB designed by Datalink Systems and made in the USA, is in a class by itself as an advanced GPS tracking and data processing terminal. Passenger count data is received by the i50 and routed over local GSM cellular networks to DataGate Host Software for further processing including daily reports with all records being stored in a local SQL database.

Click here for information on the i50 MobiHUB.