The i50 MobiHUB has fifteen years of design experience behind it. Available with optional Cellular 3G modem, and/or Iridium SBD Satellite modem for world wide operation. Will also connect directly to certain models of LMR Mobile Radios such as Kenwood's NX and DMR series.

Can be ordered as a complete end to end ready to run solution, including back-end software,, or as an OEM circuit board assembly with firmware for installation into 3rd party enclosures.

The i50 MobiHUB is fully integrated with our DataGate"back end" IP routing software, allowing complete "end to end" performance with a choice of mapping programs and client workstation software (optional) or direct connection to most Database programs.


The i50 MobiHUB is compatible with Grace Industries T-Pass Lone Worker Protection device for hazardous atmospheres.

When triggered manually or automatically the alert along with the GPS location and employee I.D. is transmitted over the network in use to a DataGate Host program, stored in an SQL Database and relayed to field supervisors and emergency support personnel.


i50 V4 MobiHUB, Wi-Fi Access Point is standard



i50 MobiHUB
with optional Student RFID tracking
i50 MobiHUB
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The i50 MobiHUB and DataNet is compatible with Multispeak, a common data processing platform used by the majority of Power and Energy companies around the world. DataNET transports Multicom packets over the selected wireless network for processing by the client's software.