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  1. It's not centrally hosted!

  2. Installs in client's own servers behind firewalls.

  3. AES-256 encryption option for Government and Military Agencies.

  4. Merges multiple data networks, Satellite and Terrestrial.

  5. Pricing scaled to address small and large organizations.


DataNET is a complete suite of software programs that allow end-to-end communication between field personnel and remote assets and host workstations. Whether you are tracking and messaging field personnel, remote mobile assets such as vehicles, vessels or aircraft,  DataNET provides you with the platform that enables you to communicate on a Global basis.

At its heart is DataGate. our I.P. packet data routing software. Evolved over the past 15 years, it delivers a very stable and secure platform integrated with multiple terrestrial and satellite networks.


  • It can be installed on any Windows based computer.
  • Multiple terrestrial and satellite network interfaces.
  • AES-256 Encryption in our Mil-Gate variant.
  • Built-in web, email and SMS servers
  • Mapping support including ESRI,Google, and OpenStreetMaps.
  • Works with static and dynamic mobile addresses.
  • Can work as a private routing hub for maximum security.
  • Works as a public regional or national IP router.
  • Integrates with legacy systems and third-party programs.
  • Works with ODBC databases (SQL Server, MySQL, etc).

Download the operators manual for complete details

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DataNet Architecture